Gree GS-24MU410 air conditioner mounted on a living room wall, effectively cooling a spacious area.
Gree GS-24MU410 air conditioner mounted on a living room wall, effectively cooling a spacious area.
Gree GS-24MU410 air conditioner mounted on a living room wall, effectively cooling a spacious area.

Gree GS-24MU410 - Muse Split Type Air Conditioner (2.0 TON, Non-Inverter) G-3143-AC

Gree GS-24MU410 - Muse Split Type Air Conditioner (2.0 TON, Non-Inverter) Cool Down Affordably with the Powerful Gree GS-24MU410 AC...
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Tk 95,900.00
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Size: 2 Ton
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Gree GS-24MU410 air conditioner mounted on a living room wall, effectively cooling a spacious area.

Vendor: Gree

Gree GS-24MU410 - Muse Split Type Air Conditioner (2.0 TON, Non-Inverter) G-3143-AC

Tk 95,900.00 Tk 78,500.00

Vendor: Gree

Gree GS-24MU410 - Muse Split Type Air Conditioner (2.0 TON, Non-Inverter) G-3143-AC

Tk 95,900.00 Tk 78,500.00
Size: 2 Ton

Gree GS-24MU410 - Muse Split Type Air Conditioner (2.0 TON, Non-Inverter)

Cool Down Affordably with the Powerful Gree GS-24MU410 AC (2.0-Ton, Non-Inverter)

Seeking powerful cooling at an attractive price for your Bangladeshi home? Look no further than the Gree GS-24MU410 Muse Split AC! This cost-effective 2.0-ton non-inverter air conditioner delivers exceptional cooling capacity for rooms up to 300 sq. ft., making it the ideal choice for budget-conscious comfort.

Unwavering Cooling Performance:

  • Powerful Cooling Capacity: Experience impressive cooling power of 24,000 BTU/hr, effectively combating the scorching Bangladeshi heat. This translates to roughly 5.3 kW of cooling capacity, ensuring a comfortable environment even during peak summer days.
  • Energy-Efficient Operation: Enjoy lower electricity bills compared to traditional models thanks to the unit's COP of 3.51. Explore Gree AC price list in Bangladesh to compare different models and see the potential cost savings.
  • Quiet Operation: Immerse yourself in a peaceful environment with the unit's quiet operation at 40 dB indoors, comparable to a quiet library. This allows for undisturbed sleep and relaxation even while the AC is running.
  • Durable Design: Invest in long-lasting performance with a 5-year compressor warranty. This extended warranty provides peace of mind, knowing your investment is protected in case of any unexpected malfunctions.

Convenient Features for Ultimate Comfort:

  • Effortless Control: Stay cool from anywhere in the room with the included wireless remote control.
  • Seamless Operation: The auto restart function automatically resumes operation after power outages, eliminating the need for manual intervention.
  • Customize Your Comfort: Choose from various fan modes to suit your preferences, from gentle breezes to powerful airflow for quick cooling.
  • Even Cooling Distribution: Experience consistent cool air circulation throughout the room with the auto swing feature.

Additional Benefits:

  • Hassle-Free Installation: Enjoy free installation within Dhaka and surrounding areas (contact for details). This eliminates the need for separate arrangements and ensures professional setup of your AC.
  • Competitive Price: Get the Gree GS-24MU410 at a competitive price from They aim to offer this AC at a price that is both attractive and delivers good value for the features provided.
  • Comprehensive Warranty: Benefit from a 1-year warranty on free service and spare parts in addition to the 5-year compressor warranty. This comprehensive coverage ensures peace of mind knowing repairs and replacements are covered within the warranty period.

Why Choose the Gree GS-24MU410 AC?

  • Cost-effective cooling: Enjoy powerful cooling without breaking the bank with non-inverter technology.
  • Powerful and efficient: Experience exceptional cooling capacity for larger Bangladeshi homes.
  • Quiet operation: Immerse yourself in a peaceful and tranquil environment.
  • Durable quality: Invest in long-lasting performance with a 5-year compressor warranty.
  • Convenient features: Take control of your comfort with a wireless remote, auto restart, various fan modes, and auto swing.
  • Competitive price: Get excellent value for your money with
  • Hassle-free installation: Enjoy free professional installation within designated areas.
  • Comprehensive warranty: Benefit from extensive coverage on both parts and labor.

Embrace year-round comfort at an affordable price with the Gree GS-24MU410 AC. Order yours from today and experience powerful cooling without breaking the bank!

Gree GS-24MU410 AC: Benefits & Considerations (2.0-Ton, Non-Inverter)


  • Cost-effective cooling: Non-inverter technology offers a lower initial cost, making it a budget-friendly option for Bangladeshi households.
  • Powerful cooling: The 24,000 BTU/hr (5.3 kW) cooling capacity effectively combats scorching Bangladeshi heat, ideal for rooms up to 300 sq. ft.
  • Energy-efficient: The COP of 3.51 translates to lower electricity bills compared to traditional models. Explore the Gree AC price list in Bangladesh [link to Gree AC price list in Bangladesh] to compare and see potential cost savings.
  • Quiet operation: The 40 dB noise level is similar to a quiet library, ensuring minimal disruption and a peaceful environment.
  • Durable design: The 5-year compressor warranty provides peace of mind with long-lasting performance.
  • Convenient features: Wireless remote control, auto restart, various fan modes, and auto swing enhance user comfort and control.
  • Competitive price: offers the Gree GS-24MU410 at a competitive price, delivering good value for its features.
  • Hassle-free installation: Enjoy free professional installation within designated areas in Dhaka and surrounding areas.
  • Comprehensive warranty: Benefit from a 1-year warranty on free service and spare parts in addition to the 5-year compressor warranty.


  • Non-inverter technology: Compared to inverter models, non-inverter ACs may be less energy-efficient in the long run, potentially leading to higher electricity bills. Consider the trade-off between lower initial cost and potentially higher running costs.
  • Larger capacity: The 2.0-ton capacity is ideal for larger rooms. If you have a smaller space, a model with a lower cooling capacity might be more suitable and energy-efficient for your needs.
  • Limited smart features: This model lacks Wi-Fi connectivity or smartphone control, features becoming increasingly common in modern ACs.

Overall, the Gree GS-24MU410 AC offers a balance of affordability, powerful cooling, and convenient features, making it a suitable option for budget-conscious Bangladeshi consumers seeking a reliable AC solution for larger rooms. While the non-inverter technology may lead to slightly higher electricity bills compared to inverter models in the long run, the lower initial cost can be a significant advantage for some consumers.

Gree GS-24MU410 Non-Inverter AC (2.0-Ton): FAQs

What size room is this AC suitable for in Bangladesh?

The Gree GS-24MU410, with its 2.0-ton capacity and 5.3 kW cooling capacity, is ideal for larger Bangladeshi homes, typically exceeding 200 sq. ft., and potentially up to 300 sq. ft.

How energy-efficient is it compared to inverter models in Bangladesh?

While the Gree GS-24MU410 boasts a COP of 3.51, which is generally good for non-inverter models, it might lead to higher electricity bills in the long run compared to inverter models popular in Bangladesh due to its non-inverter technology.

How quiet is the operation of this AC?

At 40 dB, the noise level is comparable to a quiet library, ensuring minimal disruption in your Bangladeshi home.

What warranty does the Gree GS- 24MU410 AC come with in Bangladesh?

It comes with a 1-year warranty on free service and spare parts, along with a remarkable 10-year compressor warranty, providing peace of mind for your purchase in Bangladesh.

Does this Gree AC model have Wi-Fi connectivity?

No, the Gree GS- 24MU410 does not have Wi-Fi connectivity or smartphone control features. Consider exploring other Gree AC models available in Bangladesh if these features are important to you.

What are the different fan modes available on this Gree AC?

The AC offers various fan modes for customized comfort, including: • Low ( ) • Medium ( ) • High ( ) • Turbo Note: The Turbo function is not available in Dry and Auto Modes. Consult the user manual for detailed descriptions of each mode.

Is professional installation included in the price when purchasing this Gree AC in Bangladesh?

Yes, free professional installation is included within Dhaka and surrounding areas. Contact for details if you are located outside this area in Bangladesh.

What is the BTU cooling capacity of the Gree GS- 24MU410 AC?

It boasts a powerful cooling capacity of 24,000 BTU/hr, effectively combating the scorching Bangladeshi heat.

Can this Gree AC model also heat a room in Bangladesh?

No, this model primarily focuses on cooling functionality. You may want to consider other Gree AC models or heater options if heating is also a requirement.

What is the recommended maintenance schedule for this Gree AC?

Clean or replace your air conditioning system's filter or filters every month or two during the cooling season. Filters may need more frequent attention under specific conditions, such as: • Constant use of the air conditioner • Dusty environments • Presence of fur-bearing pets in the household

Where I can buy ac in Bangladesh?

You can buy authentic and original Gree ac in Bangladesh from

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Technical specification



Capacity BTU/hr

24000 BTU

Cooling Power Input (Watt)


Rated Input Power (W)


COP/EER (w/w)


Power Supply (phase/voltage (V) /frequency (Hz) /current (A)

Single/220-240/ 50Hz

Air Circulation (m3/h)


Compressor Type


Refrigerant Type


Noise Level (dB) Indoor/Outdoor


Evaporator Fin Type

Golden Fin

Condenser Type

copper tube condenser

Maximum Pipe Length

10 F

Turbo Button


Auto Operation


Fan Mode


Auto Restart


Comfort Cooling




Auto UP-Down Swing


Auto Left-Right Swing


Display Type



Wireless Remote

Child Lock


Indoor (mm) [L×W×H]

1078 × 325 × 246

Outdoor (mm) [L×W×H]

955 ×700× 396

Net Weight (Indoor) (Kg)

16.5 /20

Net Weight (Outdoor) (Kg)


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